YouTube Crypto Money Videos Removal Reason Announced!

The reason for YouTube’s controversial movement was revealed.

YouTube recently started removing crypto-money-driven content on its platform. This situation brought with it a rain of criticism and great debate.

Konu hakkında, özellikle Twitter’da çok fazla tartışma var ve hem avukatlar hem de yargıçlar, YouTube’un içeriği neden kaldırdığı konusunda bir fikre sahipler.

Renowned lawyer Jake Chervinsky states that YouTube has to take such a step to prevent a violation of § 17 (b) § Securities Act.Under the law, individuals or institutions advertising a security have to state the amount they receive and that it is advertising.This includes technically YouTube cryptocurrency ads.

A second theory is called ”penalties in to the content producer of a particular group using YouTube’s grievance mechanism.

Content producer Eric Crown has announced that a Telegram user Astaroth threatened him and cited an example of a content producer whose video was deleted.

YouTube, in a statement yesterday, the situation “is a glitch,” he stressed.